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Christmas Spider Image
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Christmas Spider

An Eastern European legend tells how a poor family prepared for Christmas by cleaning all the dust and cobwebs from their home, and setting up their Christmas tree. Their decorations were simple and plain, but they used the best they had. After all had gone to sleep, spiders came down from the attic and crawled all over the tree looking with glee at each decoration. As they crawled from branch to branch they spun webs all over the tree. When the Christ Child visited on Christmas Eve, he was so delighted by the spiders' excitement that he changed the webs to silver and gold. That was the origin of tinsel garlands. European families often commemorate the legend by placing a golden spider as a decoration on their trees.

This perky little spider in his Christmas hat sits on a web of freestanding lace. The date, "06", is not part of the design as it is sold.

This design sews best on woven, water-soluble stabilizer.

Colors: 5 Thread Changes: 8 Price: $8.00

Hoop Size Stitches W x H (in) W x H (mm) Buy
4x4 15,933 3.68 x 3.86 93.5 x 98

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