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Background of the cross edited for better contrast.

Pentecost Vestment Set

These three designs were created to be used as a set, to make a priest's chasuble and stole set for Pentecost. They would be equally suitable for a deacon's dalmatic and stole.

For the chasuble or dalmatic front and back, the Dove with Rays design celebrates God's gift of the Holy Spirit in a symbol based on the story of Jesus' baptism. This design is set up for the embroiderer to appliqué a gold-colored fabric behind the dove, to fill the rays with gold. We used crepe-backed satin in the image on the upper left.

The flame commemorates how the Holy Spirit manifested as tongues like fire resting on each of the disciples. I put four flames on one side of the priest's stole and three on the other, alternating mirror-images of the flame in different colors to represent the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit listed in 1 Corinthians chapter 12.

At 2 inches by 2 inches, the Fleury Greek Cross is sized to go on the back of a priest's stole, behind the neck. The Fleury Cross is a symbol of the Trinity.

The links below lead to the pages where the designs may be purchased separately.

[Dove with Rays 1] [Flame 1] [Fleury Greek Cross 1]

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Dove with Rays [1] Colors: 7 Thread Changes: 8
Hoop Size Stitches W x H (in) W x H (mm)
8 x 12 in (200 x 300 mm) 31544 7.77 x 7.77 197.4 x 197.4
Flame 1A and 1B (mirror images) Colors: 1 Thread Changes: 1
Hoop Size Stitches (each flame) W x H (in) W x H (mm)
4x4 in (100 x 100 mm) 2,544 2 x 3 51.6 x 76.5
Fleury Greek Cross [1] Colors: 1 Thread Changes: 1
Hoop Size Stitches W x H (in) W x H (mm)
4x4 in (100 x100 mm) 1,852 2 x 2 50.80 x 50.80

NOTE: This set is a large file (4 MB). It should present no problems to customers with DSL or cable Internet service. If you are on dialup internet and email, you may email us to let us know that it would be best to send you each of the designs in a separate message.

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