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Names - We will create names for you to merge with the sampler design for $3 per name. Names will be in French Script MT font. Capital letters will be approximately 3/4 inch high (19.05 mm). Density will be 3.8. Pull Compensation will be 0.3 mm. Names will be optimized for embroidery with the minimum necessary jumps and trims. 

Names will be made available on-line for sale to other customers. If you want exclusive use of the name design, or if you want different parameters from those listed above, an additional fee will apply.

Optimized - In order to improve the visual contrast between the footprint and background fabric, the foot and toes are outlined in a complementary color.

You get the best registration (alignment of outlines to the outlined areas) when the outline is sewn immediately after the area it surrounds. However, this makes many more thread changes necessary, and creates difficulties if your embroidery machine doesn't automatically trim or change threads. Fewer thread changes are required if you sort the colors, but you may have trouble aligning the outline and the area outlined.

Special License Permission - Many digitizers prohibit altering copyrighted designs you have purchased, and this is the usual policy of Stitched with Grace. However, you may copy and paste as many pairs of footprints as you need into the 3 John 4 Parents' Sampler design to make projects for personal use or sale. You may create names using your own software and add them to the design as needed. This special permission does NOT include permission to sell or give away the embroidery design files you've customized.

File List - The compressed file you'll receive by email will include:
     the 3 John 4 Sampler design (lettering and three pairs of footprints without names) optimized for best registration
     the 3 John 4 Sampler design optimized for the minimum number of color changes
     the text of 3 John 4 in a separate file
     one pair of footprints in a separate file optimized for best registration
     thread list for the 3 John 4 Sampler design (as optimized for minimum color changes)
     license terms


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