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Underlay stitches are lines of running stitches placed on fabric before the fabric is covered with embroidery (cover stitches) to provide support to the cover stitches and to reduce puckering and distortion caused by thread push and pull.

Common types of underlay include:

Edge Walk - stitches that go inside and parallel to the borders of an embroidered area.

Center Walk - a running stitch that runs up the center of a satin stitch or column of embroidery.

Zigzag - On a satin stitch or column of stitching, this is a true zigzag, criss-crossing from edge to edge of the column. On an area of stitching that is not a column, this is more like a screen or grid of running stitches.

Adjustable parameters of underlay include:

Stitch Length

Offset - the distance between the edge of the underlay and the edge of the embroidered area (cover stitches).

Density - the distance between zigzags under a column or gridlines under other embroidery objects.

Zigzag Angle - this is not adjustable under columns, but is adjustable under other objects.

Zigzag 1 or 2 - A column will always have zero or two zigzags. The second zigzag will always be the same density as the first and will mirror the first zigzag.  Under other objects, the angle and density of zigzag one and zigzag two are adjustable separately, and you can switch off one or both zigzags.


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