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We can digitize your logo, drawing or image and email you the machine embroidery file. We take great care to produce a technically superior design by minimizing jumps, trims, and color changes that slow down your embroidery machine and therefore cost you time and money.

Our digitizing fee is $4 per 1000 stitches in the final design.  We may charge an additional surcharge for particularly complex designs. When we have all the information we need to produce a quote, we will send you a PayPal Money Request for a non-refundable deposit equal to 50% of the estimated digitizing fee.

Upon receipt of the deposit, we will create and test-sew your logo, editing it and re-testing until it meets the requirements you have described, and sews out smoothly. When we are satisfied, we will email you a scanned image of the sew-out for your approval, or for you to instruct us about the adjustments you want us to make.

After you approve the sew-out, we will send you a PayPal Money Request that specifies the final, total price, minus your deposit. When you have paid the balance of the fee, we will email you the design file.

To obtain a quote, please send an email to with the subject line "Request for Custom Digitizing Quote."

Include all of the following information: your name, email address, phone number, dimensions of the finished logo, description of the fabric on which it is to be sewn*, and any additional instructions.

* Designs work best if digitized and tested on the fabric they will be sewn on.


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