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Father Jonathan's tutorial Introduction to Digitizing with Embird Studio walks you step-by-step through the process of creating a design with the Embird Studio application. You will import a graphic file into the Embird Studio workspace, and use it as a template to create a simple design.

The skills you will learn include:Image of cover for Introduction to Digitizing in Embird Studio

  •  Basic vocabulary of digitizing

  •  Identify and use several tool buttons in Embird Studio

  •  Create a shape to fill with stitches

  •  Change the angle of stitching

  •  Troubleshoot a common problem

  •  Change the start and end points of that shape

  •  Copy, paste and rotate that shape

  •  Change color of that shape

  •  Compile your creation into the format your embroidery machine uses

This 14-page tutorial costs only $10.* Click the "Add to Cart" button to purchase this tutorial through PayPal.

* Residents of the state of Washington, add 8.8% sales tax.



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