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Trial Limits




Limitations on Trial Versions

The installation files you download before purchasing registration contain complete and fully-functional versions of the software. However, until you purchase and install your registration passwords each will operate with some limitations.


Manager has no trial-period limitations.


Editor is fully functional when installed, but will only operate for 30 days from the date of installation, or until it has been used 100 times, whichever comes first.

Since all the other applications are "plug-ins", none of the other applications (except Manager) can be used if Editor won't operate because the trial period is expired. However, when you have registered Embird (Manager and Editor) all the other, unregistered Embird applications will continue to operate with their specific "trial period" limitations.

The trial period is a one-time benefit. You do not get a new trial period by installing an upgrade or an update of Embird software. You also do not get a new trial period by uninstalling and re-installing Embird. Embird will detect that there was a previous installation, and it will detect whether the trial period had expired.


With the trial-period limitations, Iconizer will display image-icons and design details for some, randomly-selected embroidery files. Other embroidery files will be displayed as generic icons that identify the file type.

Font Engine

With the trial-period limitations, you can use True-Type Fonts and Open-Type fonts to create lettering for embroidery designs, and fully manipulate all characteristics of that lettering.  However, until you purchase a registration password, you will be limited to using the upper case letters, A, B, and C, the lower case letters, a, b and c, and the numbers 1, 2 and 3.


To use any of the Embird pre-digitized alphabets, you must download and unzip each alphabet you intend to use into your Embird program files folder. You also have the option of downloading and installing all of them at one time.  You must register separately each one that you want to use.

You can fully manipulate all characteristics of those Embird alphabet characters. From unregistered alphabets, you may use only the upper case letters, A, B, and C, the lower case letters, a, b, and c, and the numbers 1, 2 and 3.

Cross Stitch

With the trial-period limitations, all functions of Cross Stitch are fully enabled.  Designs have a stitch count limit that restricts the size of the designs.

Digitizing Tools and Sfumato

With the trial-period limitations, all tools and functions of Digitizing Tools and Sfumato are fully operational. However, you cannot save the designs you create - which means you cannot sew them on your embroidery machine, either.


A plug-in is an application that will only operate if a functional installation of another application is present.  In this case, all the other Embird embroidery applications require a functioning version of Embird Manager & Editor to operate.

An upgrade is when you change from one major version of Embird to another - for example from Embird 2006 to Embird 2010. This involves adding significant, new functions or major improvements in operation of the software. When an upgrade is published, all registered users of Embird may upgrade by paying an upgrade fee.  The registration password for the previous version will not work on the newer version.

An upgrade from Embird 2008 to Embird 2010 is an exception to this rule. Although it is a major version change, there is no fee to upgrade from Embird 2008 to Embird 2010, and your Embird 2008 passwords will operate in Embird 2010. For this reason, some websites identify the change from Embird 2008 to Embird 2010 as an update instead of an upgrade.

An update is when Embird publishes patches to fix problems in the software, or refinements to improve the operation of existing functions. Updates are also referred to as "builds" so if you changed from Embird 2006 build 5 to Embird 2006 build 7, then you have installed an update.  Updates are free to registered users.  Your Embird 2008 password will operate for all builds of Embird 2008.


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* The following are property of the Embird company: the hummingbird logo, Embird brand name, application names Manager, Editor, Iconizer, Font Engine, Alphabets and Cross Stitch. Stitched With Grace is an independent distributor of Embird software.


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